So i was going to plug the extender into my power strip that my PC is plugged into, but when i was figuring out where I was going to plug it in I touched my PC power cord a few times. And it wiggled just a little bit but the plug wasn't really lose and my PC made a electric like sound every time I accidentally touched my PC power cord. And it shut off so I tried to boot it up and it wouldn't boot up correctly so I tried it a few more times. and sometimes it boots up to the windows automatic repair and it says it couldn't repair so I would restart it, and other times it loads up windows and after a few minutes it freezes and screen goes blank and nothing happens. My dad hasn't been able to look at it really other then checking BIOS and everything seemed right other than it not reading some of my ram but it's been doing that for a few days.
What could the problem be and is there any solutions??

Please help.
I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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