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Thema: Sony Ericsson C905 Review

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    Cool Sony Ericsson C905 Review

    Guys, I'm showing my new phone Sony Ericsson C905 to you. I want to buy a Sony Ecricsson product long time ago, because you know this brand is liked by all young people. It's I making reviews rarely,so if you think some functions I descriped not well, pls forgive this. Thank you!
    Outside &Design

    I'm very excited when I receiving it from Hong Kong .It's an original Sony Ericsson. Since it is a flagship phone, the C905 slider quality will naturally not bad. Semi-metal materials to build the slide slide is pretty smooth, feeling pretty good. The metal slide on the life of a great phones guaranteed! After the slide from the slide, exposing the C905's keyboard, the keyboard layout is relatively traditional. The numeric keypad makes me feel a little regret, mainly relatively soft keys, lack of force feedback, so contact them by hand were not as good, do not know whether the problem caused by the engineering prototype!

    With a black body, looks very cool and solid. I found a obvious logo on the top of its screen, also be the receiver.If solely gives you this model of handset's side to look, you will not think absolutely this will be a model of handset. The reason is very simple, to make one section “the movie king” the rank handset, on this model of handset's all pressed keys is for the photograph design, particularly handset's right flank surface, the shutter key, the photograph browsing cut key, the digital focal variation key has composed the formidable photograph functional key, causes entire handset's right flank seems with DC is entirely alike. But on handset's other sides, has the data/power source connection in left side, the base has the speaker and the handset hangs the rope trough. May say that is quite rich in the side C905 design element!

    They are blue backlit when the camera is in use, as are the shortcut buttons, D-pad Centre button and side-mounted shoot button. Two further buttons above the screen are also backlit blue when in camera mode. One cycles through various shooting modes, the other through scene modes.

    When I first look at its screen ,I think the screen is a little small, why not be bigger? While Sony Ericsson C905 mobile phone equipped with a 2.4-inch TFT screen material, and I seen the real machine's screen after the performance, I appreciated this screen is a plus! Color performance of the screen and the degree of not less delicate in 1670 million color screen. Therefore, the screen skeptical friends can rest assured!

    Inside functions:
    Because this phone is not smart phone, so I am more concerned about is this phone built-in themes. The C905 has built-in 5 themes, each of which only did a very fine. In the main menu mode, I can also change the main menu through the left soft key Style, three models: the network, rotation, and any single icon can be replaced.

    I like the phone book which this type of phone card to tag page shows information for me to sort out phone is a very convenient thing, and when I look at the phone book, when viewing a contact specific information is also very convenient. Phone memory capacity, the 1000 phone book information should be enough ordinary users to use. And as the Sony Ericsson W595c, this C905 can show number’s master automatically when dialing the number corresponding to the appropriate phone and call records, so we having the phone number of the first two to three numbers can easily find the appropriate number and Fast broadcast, quite convenient. In the phone call records, the label will shows the page will be set aside again, missed, received, and so apart for us to find! It can be said on the phone this phone has done quite well.
    About its media function:
    Set in the music player, although there is no Sony Ericsson's Walkman series phones powerful performance, but including the "Mega Bass" mode, including a variety of sound modes, plus the addition of Surround sound, but also makes the phone music player above. The basic function is comprehensive enough that we usually use. But the only thing make me disappointed is it only has a small speaker on the bottom of the fuselage which makes the sound seemed thin, the sound sense is not so outstanding, just OK. But it offer gravity sensor. So when I playing video, rotated it, the phone will automatically switch the video screen. It’s very cool.

    Google map and GPS
    It offers GPS module, you can use network-assisted positioning function (A-GPS). The phone also has built-in Google Maps mapping software and navigation software, Wayfinder 7 software, through which complement each other to achieve the goal of mobile phone navigation. This powerful mapping software in the map data quite well done, the map display mode into the standard map and satellite map mode. In the satellite map mode, our aerial view of the surrounding facilities presented in the form of satellite, we can more clearly identify the surrounding environment.
    I also found another important function-WiFi in it. There is little this function in others Sony Ericsson phone before. It makes this phone become more valuable. When I connect WiFi, it will connect network by WiFi automatic. So I can surf internet free , this is one of the most reasons I choosed it. I can enjoy sufting on internet.

    Huge digital camera
    It has an unbelievable 8-mega pixel, cyber shot, auto Focus, image stabilizing camera. This Sony C905 consisted of pointing and shooting, as we ran the phone through a testing gauntlet of photography .Distance-no object.Quality-fantastic. The actual camera photos and videos is a credit to this phone. Additional to the mobile camera, the C905 has a couple of rather good features hidden up its sleeve, which are easily forgotten due to the main 8 mega pixel shout.

    That's the most parts I thought are very awesome of this phone. Thanks for your reading.

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